Flávio Iryoda
Fashion photographer who specializes in haute couture editorials. Born in Brazil from a Japanese family, his photographs have been published internationally in the US, South America and Europe. 
With a peculiar taste of the unexpected and tendency to break the typical clichés, Flávio believes there are no boundaries to express fashion through photography. Uncertainty, confusion and unease drives his desires to create curiosity (or disgust) for those who experience his work.
"I AM here to confuse, not to explain"
José Abelardo Barbosa de Medeiros
Coming from a family without any historical trace in the artistic field, Flávio brings a fresh viewpoint to the archaic traditional couture industry with a contemporary, eclectic and unbiased approach into fashion photography - a restless motivation that moves innovation through individual dedication, teamwork, learning and continuous improvement.
In 2013, together with his late business partner and close friend Christopher Makris, they imagined a group of highly skilled and reliable professionals to fulfill the most diverse creative desires from their clients, since conception until final production. What would be our small "fashion family" has evolved into...  Avessa!
A Telecommunications Engineer by trade, but extensively working at Big 4 Accounting and Consulting firms for the last 15 years as a Management Consultant in the Technology Information space, Flávio has assessed and developed multi-year strategic roadmaps for Fortune 500 clients in North and South America. Flávio leverages his experience to elevate Avessa with industry-leading practices and accelerators across technology, processes and organization. He is also a strong supporter of work ethics (especially with the recent turbulent scandals in fashion and entertainment) and cultural diversity, having living in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Montréal (Canada) and Chicago, before setting main operations in South Florida.
Flávio also contributes to the executive production of TRENDencias along with Carlos Marrero and Araceli Bravo. Partnering with Romina Bogado, Flavio also acts as National Director of Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental in Paraguay.