Avessa was created as a platform to showcase our talents as a group; we want to deliver art with a twist and sophistication... unexplained but yet intriguing.
My curiosity started at a very young age, while traveling locally in my native Mexico during elementary school years, we competed in regional folkloric dancing. Even thought I was considered a tomboy, I was very fascinated with the art of makeup. While "in the closet" playing Barbies I used to re-do their Hair and makeup using Color markers and pens. 
At 17, I relocated to the USA (Phoenix, AZ) to live with my mother, I saved my allowance to get the latest Vogue edition, and that's where I found Pat McGrath and it was love at first sight... Inspired by the radical European influence, I took notice on how chaotic and fascinating makeup could be, this was an eye opener to other forms of artistry; the opera introduced me to contouring and stage makeup. My first kit was by MAC, I began to take classes at the location in Phoenix, AZ and started recreating looks from my Vogue magazines.
At 24, I had the opportunity to make the move to San Francisco, I used the dance platform to channel my talent. I started my first company, it was not makeup but pretty much related, I designed and put together dresses and garments for cage and stage dancers. Exotika was born and with that I incorporated makeup, soon after I was working back stage with my mobile boutique.
My next move was South Florida in 2002, the Latin influence made me feel at home. I found jobs in production and film, I work with local celebrities and socialites:I began to sharpen my skills by adding bridal and airbrush,
After working for Laura Mercier I went on my own and focused on bridals, since Florida is the perfect setting for destination weddings. Two years later, I met and collaborated with Flávio Iryoda... and the rest is history.